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It was christmas eve in 2020, Tamy was in Bali sitting all alone in the middle of the ocean on her surfboard waiting for waves to come. The sun was setting on one side and the moon was rising on the other. The ocean was smooth like velvet, reflecting all colors of the rainbow. It was pure magic and it felt as though time stood still. And then there it was, the message. The knowing.


„From now onward, it will be light“


And she knew what that message meant. She made it. More than once Tamy considered leaving this planet, but now she made it! The heavy and dark times are finally behind. Now it will be light. And that is where the light path for Tamy began. With out much intention or knowing she was guided from one to another. She became a Soundhealer and started working with the medicine of cacao. Over the years she became a Reiki Master. For many years, way before the days became light, she practiced meditation, then pranayama, which lead her to breathwork. Tamy is in love with the breath. Naturally it was only a matter of time until the breath became a subject to share with you.


It makes Tamy the happiest, when she can be there in loving presence, holding space, be in service of healing. That is her purpose, that is why she is here.

healing reiki energy unconditional love breath air breathwork
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